I've had hernia & diastasis recti repair with general surgeon. Could umbilicoplasty improve? (photo)

6 months after giving birth I had a sever hernia and diastasis recti repaired by a general surgeon. 3 years later and inside my navel is bulging skin and the scar looks puckered. I’m wondering if an umbilicoplasty could improve this? I feel deformed. I know the skin is thinner with stretch marks but it flattens out, so it’s not bad enough for me to want a tummy tuck scar. (We may have one more child in a couple years) An improved navel would work wonders on my stomach and self esteem.

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Belly Button Revision after hernia repair

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An examination would be required for the best opinion especially as one of your photos shows bulging around the belly button which could mean either a hernia or else abdominal wall laxity which may have to be corrected for the best appearance. The bottom line is that surgery including an umbilicoplasty should be able to improve your appearance.

Umbilicoplasty after abdominal surgery

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Based on the pictures you've posted, it appears that you could benefit from an umbilicoplasty to improve the appearance and reduce the "bulging" of the skin in the umbilicus.  Make sure to find a Board certified plastic surgeon--the ASPS website has a useful physician referral tool to find qualified surgeons in your area.

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