Had An Umbilical Hernia Repaired Three Years Ago. Will it Be A Problem When I Get My BBL?

I had a umbilical hernia repaired three years ago as well as a c-section. My skin is not saggoy but it is fat. Will the hernia repair scar be a problem when i do the bbl? Will my skin be super saggy since the fat is removed?

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Abdominal scars and Brazilian Butt Lift

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Abdominal scars should be taken into consideration by your plastic surgeon prior to the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.  These are areas where he/she should be careful not to perforate the abdominal wall to avoid intra-abdominal injury.
Will your skin be super saggy?  Only if you have a lot of fat and a lot of fat is removed, and you are older and have lost skin elasticity.
Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

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