Another Hernia After Repair with Tummy Tuck

I had a hernia repair and tummy tuck four years ago. I recently discovered that I have another hernia below my navel on my left lower belly. It is not bothering me but I recently decided to try to get pregnant again. What are my options/what can I expect?

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Another hernia after repair with tummy tuck

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Finish with you pregnancy and than seek medical care for the hernia. This is the better alternative than repair at this time, unless you are having any symptoms. Than call the doctor.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Tummy tucks should be done when you are finished with children

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At this point - just go ahead , have your child and then 6 months or so later, when you have lost the birth weight, go for a consultation. It is usually best to finish having children, then have the tummy tuck. Now you may need to have it done twice.

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