Is this level of pain and swelling normal after laser lipo on upper arms?

I received laser lipo on my upper arms 3 1/2 weeks ago. Despite still wearing my compression garments, I still have significant swelling and pain and cannot raise my arms over my head. I have other issues with tightness and hardness under my arms and a few bumps but I hear that is normal??

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Swelling and pain after liposuction

Swelling, tightness and pain vary greatly after liposuction.  In the arms, the swelling can cause the tightness that you are perceiving.  If larger amounts of fat were removed or high amounts of laser energy were used to tighten skin this may be normal.  However, I would recommend returning to your physician for an evaluation.  If the edema is the cause, sometime steroids and anti-inflammatories can help to speed the recovery of this.  I would continue to wear your compression as directed as this can help as well.

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