Is there anything I can to prepare for myself to ensure a quick recovery?

I have rhinoplasty scheduled for October 28th. Is there anything I can to prepare my body for surgery (ex: eat certain foods, take certain supplements, etc) to ensure I have a quick recovery?

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Preparing for a rhinoplasty procedure

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It's very important that you talk to your surgeon about what their preparation is prior to elective cosmetic surgery. is very important that you follow your doctor's orders on the pre and postoperative care instructions. If you are not given any pre and postoperative instructions, you may want to consider choosing another office to have your surgery. Communication is the key to a quick recovery

Ensuring a quick recovery?

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You pose a tricky question.  There are so many factors involved from the eating habits you have, your general health and lifestyle.   You can participate in your own healing by staying healthy, get plenty of rest, no smoking, no blood thinners, take some zinc and Vitamin C.  Then we have to count on your body to do the rest.  There are no guarantee's to ensure quick recovery, but if you have good general health and follow the Post Operative instructions your surgeon gives you, you'll have a better chance at a good recovery. Good Luck and be well!

Preparing for a rhinoplasty

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There is no magic to preparing for rhinoplasty or any surgery. Maintain  your regular healthy diet and stay away from junk. Get off aspirin and other medications that thin the blood. Get off of fish oil products. Icing afterwords is helpful for swelling and bruising.

Talmage Raine MD FACS

How to Have a Quick Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Dear Sarah15808, In my practice at the pre-operative appointment my patient consultant will discuss all of the things a patient can do to ensure a quick and speedy recovery. I personally supply my patients an aftercare bag with items that they will need before and after surgery. We have an in depth discussion regarding preparing for surgery two weeks before their procedure and two weeks after their procedure. This will involve diet, sleep position, medications and supplements that should be stopped and some that can be started, exercise concerns, heat exposure, etc... etc... ask your surgeons office for their instructions so you are doing everything that they suggest. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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