Looking For Honest Insight. Is This The Best I Can Hope For After Implant Replacement and Lift? (photo)

I am realistic and I understand there will always be issues. I have waited 10 months and I was hoping that my concerns would resolve.
I have ultra high profile 455cc but my breasts are completely different. Here are my concerns.
Right - does not look like ultra high profile, large round, falls into my armpit, significant fold with flat part and nipple pops out
Left - falls 1 inch lower, incision shows
I would like a good C(same shape), high with some cleavage. Thank you for your valuable time to help me. I really appreciate it.

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Revisional surgery will be necessary to correct this asymmetry.

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There's clearly an asymmetry between the right and the left breast. From the photographs it looks as though the left breast has the better of it. There are numerous options to correction that must be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

You have realistic goals

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I believe that your result could be improved upon with regard to shape and symmetry. I would suggest you discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and give him/her an opportunity to address your goals. 

Kimberly Singh, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Looking For Honest Insight. Is This The Best I Can Hope For After Implant Replacement and Lift?

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Thank you for the intelligent question. Yes, your concerns are legitimate and there is room for improvement. It will be important for you to communicate your goals carefully (as you have done here)  and select a board-certified plastic surgeon who has significant experience helping patients with revisionary breast surgery. During the communication process, best not to communicate your goals in terms of achieving a specific cup size, as this can be a source of miscommunication. Goal pictures may be helpful. Best wishes.


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Bottom line is that your result can be improved with further surgery particularly as you have realistic expectations

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant revision, breast lift revision

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Your concerns are valid and legitimate. The answer is that you don't have to settle for this.  There is a clear difference in the size, and shape and symmetry and scar quality.
So, I would recommend that you consider returning to your surgeon and discussing revision options.
There will be many strategies that different surgeons will recommend, but this result can be improved.

Revision Breast Surgery

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It looks like its time to consider a revision surgery for your breasts if you are not happy with this current situation.  Your concerns are legitimate and there is a need for a consultation at this point.  A physical exam is needed to examine your implants and tissue.  It may be necessary to consider a biologic mesh to reconstruct the pocket.  The current result is not as bad as  you may think but it could use some fine tuning.  The right breast is larger and the implant is seated more laterally.  Augmentation with a lift carries approximately a 25% revision rate according to the literature, given the dynamic and challenging nature of the surgery.  Seek a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns.  Good luck!

Implant replacement and lift

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Thank you for your question.  Was there any significant pre-op size difference between your breast? Are your both of your implants the same size?  If the right breast was larger pre-op and you have the same size implants this could explain your current problem with volume  asymmetry. The reason that the appearance is different is because the distance from the bottom of the areola to the inframmmary fold is much longer on the right  than on the left. also, it appears that the right nipple is lower. I think that you could be much more symmetrical by revising the right breast to match the left side. This could include changing the implant size,decreasing the size of the implant pocket, and shortening the distance from the areola to the fold.  It appears that on the left side that the nipple is well above the inframmary fold. This might make it more difficult to raise the left breast.  I think that you have a nice result on the left side. Discuss all your concerns with your surgeon and good luck.

Jon E. Rast, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 35 reviews

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