Reimplantation of Breast Implant After Infection?

I am having an implant replaced Monday after and Extrusion/removal about 3 months or so ago. I am scared to death that the implant will look completely different than the one that has been in there. The doc said the muscle will have contracted back and the implant will be significantly higher - will it settle down to match up with the other one or will it always be different

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Reimplantation of Breast Implant After Infection?

 I am sorry to hear about the complication you experienced after breast augmentation surgery. At this point, given that your plastic surgeon  knows exactly what was  done during the revisionary surgery,  he will be your best resource when it comes to predicting what the longer-term outcome of the breast surgery will be. Online consultants can only generalize and inform you that the breast implants will likely “settle” and the skin redrape over the course of the next several months. It may take up to 6 months to see the final outcome of the procedure performed.  In the longer term, if significant asymmetry persists, revisionary breast surgery will be necessary to improve the outcome.

 At this point,  continued patience (easier said than done) and follow up with your plastic surgeon are indicated.

 Best wishes; hopefully, you will be pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedures performed.

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Breast implant,after explantaion due to extrusion or infection

It is relatively safe to replant a new breast implant three months after original operation, providing the involved breast tissue appears normal and healing is completed. With appropriate surgical intervention and adjustments, it is quite possible to achieve a reasonably good result, even though it may not be exactly similar to the unaffected breast.

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Breast Implant Reimplantation after Infection

There will be more scar tissue so one should expect initially that the reimplanted breast will look exactly like the opposite side which had unscarred tissue quality as the time of its placement. It may get there with some time as the tissues soften and relax over time or it may even require a revision later. But he key is not to have ideal expectations and some patience with the result as it heals.

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True but try not to be impatient

Unfortunately, after an infection you don't start at ground zero, you start a bit further back. Infection even after several months will cause the muscle, fat, and breast tissue to be less pliable so it will likely take longer for the implant to settle and feel like the opposite side. How long? Tough to say but I'd go into it with a six month horizon before you start to look critically.

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