For a 20 Year Old, Oily, White Skin is It Better to Do Home Microdermabrasion or a Salicylic 20% Peel? For Pore Minimizing

I want to reduce my opened pores, they´re not too opened but they´re opened, also i have some blemishes and want to tighten my skin a bit, so what is better for that purpose and for doing at home? I use retin a at 0.025% every night since forever and wash my face twice a day with effaclar in bar, however is not enough. Whichever the solution,what would be the treatment for seeing results and how often should I practice it?

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Pore minimizing at home

100% neither of these should be done at home. Home microderm kits are silly and don't work. And chemical peels of any kind need to be handled by professionals only. I have seen irreparable harm to the skin from people doing chemical peels at home. Seek the help of a professional.

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