Mole pain after 2 weeks of removal? (Photos)

On Monday it'll be 2 weeks since my shaved and cauterized mole removal on my mid back. The day after I got the mole removed it had blood on the bandaid. And since then it's been pus on the bandaid. I went back to my doctor on Tuesday and she said it was normal. But since that visit, my mole has been hurting more and has been bleeding. I have had moles removed before. And the pain wasn't this bad and there was never any bleeding.

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If there is still pain please speak to your physician.  It is uncommon to have pain this long after but may be due to scar developing.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Pain after mole removal

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I would recommend close follow up with the doctor that did the procedure. It may continue to heal slowly, but I would make sure they follow you closely. 
Best of luck

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