Inverted Triangle body hope? (photos)

I have an inverted triangle body! I've had a consultation with a surgeon and he said I would be a good candidate for a BBL since I have enough upper body fat. I am not so concerned about my butt.... I'm more concerned about my hips. Is it possible to get hips like in the pic? Even though I have upper body fat my lower body is lean. I have no hips and seem to actually have hip indents

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Without photographs it is hard to say whether your goals are achievable. I would recommend an in person exam to determine your candidacy based on your goals and result expectations.

Dr. Leonard Lu

Inverted Triangle body hope?

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Hi. You need to upload youir photos in order to get a more accurate assessment. Most of these photos posted have little if any excess localized fat and therefore, it would seem like unlikely task to give you what yu want. Good luck, Dr. PG

Fat transfer to the buttock

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Without photos of yourself there is no good way to determine if you can have increased projection of your hips. Consult with a few different plastic surgeons in person for more information.

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