I received small c size implants. I thought she said full c

I had Bi-Latural Reconstruction surgery on 7-30-19 . In pre op my surgon confirmed that I was recieving a small C implant I thought she said full C . I am 70% deaf and I wear Hearing Aids but I still have a difficult time understanding some words exspecially when the person isnt looking right at me. we had discussed size in the past and I always indicated I wanted to be a full C small D cup. Can this be fixed and how long should I have to wait for it to be done.

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Breast reconstruction

I never guarantee my patients a size for this very reason. As my colleague has stated, different bras will give the same breast different sizes. You think your reconstruction is too small, and I think you just had this done a few days ago. You can't accurately judge your size now. You need to wait for at least 6 months, possibly a year, before changing. Some people will get swelling in the area of the breast bone. This will actually make you think you are smaller than you really are.

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Size c

in all honesty the term c is fairly meaningless. a "c" at Victoria's secret is not the same as at some other brand.  I would wait 6 months to a year and then have the implants replaced.

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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