Had upper front four teeth bonded and central incisors appear different lengths when looking at upward and downward angles. Fix?

noticed that straight ahead the central incisors appear equal length but in a downward looking angle one is longer appearing than the other and from an upward looking angle they reverse and the shorter one then appears longer. have noticed that one tooth has a thicker amount of material but don't know if this is the cause. It is bothersome and would like to know how to fix it.

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Bonding Illusion

What you're noticing is the difference in thickness as you mentioned. When 2 teeth next to one another are not mirror images, it can make them look different in varying angles. Your dentist just needs to reshape the thicker bonding to replicate the other central incisor. 

Post bonding questions

Great questions--It is difficult to answer without before and after photos however free hand bonding of 4 front teeth presents many challenges to the dentist and it is typical to have a post op evaluation to refine and evaluate issues that you thoughtfully bring up--please call your dentist and ask for a post op eval and adjustment--they should be happy to help--Good luck!

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