Would I still be able to receive a crown?

my lateral bonded oeg tooth is feeling a bit loose. Since my peg tooth was so skinny, I have a very skinny root. Although my bonded tooth has made my tooth rounder &obviously not as tiny, only a small part of my tooth is actually attached to the gums. (The actual skinny peg/root part) I recently got my gums cleaned bc they were inflammed. I was told I will need to get a crown for the bonded tooth. Will my tooth still be loose Or is it bc the bonding is not attached to gums

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Crown may be possible #DrSoftTouch

If the tooth is stable but the bonding is loose, then replacing the bonding with a crown as recommended would not pose a problem. However, if the tooth is loose, I would recommend discussing more long term options, such as a dental implant or bridge, with your dentist. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Peg Lateral Incisor

This is difficult to advise you without x-rays.  If the tooth is loose the odds are that it could be time for a dental implant.  I would recommend seeing a board certified periodontist to get your options for this tooth.  

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Crown on peg tooth

If the peg lateral tooth is stable but the bonding simple loosened then redoing the bonding or a veneer/crown would be a reasonable restoration.  However, if the tooth is loose, you may want to discus other long term options.  A lot of the time a peg lateral can have the skinny and/or shortened root which does not hold up well long term.  Investing in a crown/veneer for a tooth that is on the decline may not be the best treatment option.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
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