What can I do for my bags? (Photo)

I already had blepharoplasty and laser fx. My bags are very pronounced. They are hereditary from when I was a child. The plastic surgeon said there is nothing I can do. Is he correct? Also, do any of you have an office in Long Island?

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Eyelid Bags

Thank you for sharing your question and photos.  I'm sorry that your previous blepharoplasty did not achieve the results you wanted.  I would recommend a consultation in the office to examine your condition and discuss your goals.  It looks like simple filler treatments to your tear trough may improve the dark circles and smoothen the transition from your eyelids to your cheeks.  However, a full exam is necessary to see if a revision blepharoplasty or midface lift is a better option.  We have offices throughout Long Island.  Good luck!

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