Do I Have a Hemotoma? (photo)

I had my ba 12 days ago on day 4 I developed some bruising which got progressively worse. Please see picture. I returned to see my surgeon on Friday (day 9) so he could have a look, after pulling and yanking it about he was satisfied no hemotoma. I am still really worried whilst the breast is no more swollen than the other it is very painful when can I expect the bruising to subside?

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Probably not a hematoma, but can't be sure without physical examination

Hematomas are accompanied by swelling due to the collection of fluid in the area. If you don't have swelling, then it's probably not a hematoma. Please keep an eye on it and return to your surgeon if you are concerned.

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Breast hematomas after augmentation

will create an increase in your volume so if your volume is the same, you most likely just have a bruise.  Warm compresses seem to help my patients get over these faster.

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Post op hematoma

It is not unusual to have some degree of bruising after a breast augmentation. To have enough bleeding to warrant a return to surgery for removal of blood clots (evacuation of hematoma) there would usually be major swelling or enlargement of the involved breast. In your picture i cannot see the other side, but if the breasts are relatively symmetrical, then a wait and see plan is not unreasonable. I would have to examine you to know for sure. Hope that helps!

Brian D. Kent, MD
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Not a Hematoma

Thank you for your photo.  You do have severe bruising but it appears that you do not have a hematoma.  This should get better over the next 7-10 days.

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A hematoma is defined as a swelling of clotted blood within tissues.  Some of the ways that this can occur include injury, bleeding disorders, or as a complication of a surgical procedure.  If a hematoma occurs around a breast implant, it must be removed.  If left untreated, infection, increased scarring and wound healing problems can occur.  The diagnosis is made by visual inspection in addition to the surgeon feeling the tissues.  Please return to see your operating surgeon for a definitive diagnosis and subsequent treatment if required.  Any online advice that you may receive based on the attached picture is a guess.

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Do you have a hematoma after breast augmentation?

A hematoma, or blood collection, is an unfortunate complication after breast implant surgery. It is not common, but can be a big problem when it occurs.  The main symptom is breast enlargement. You may notice a sudden enlargement of one breast to a size double the other breast. The breast may feel firm and tight.  There may or may not be visible bruising. This may happen spontaneously within a few days of the surgery, or it may even occur up to a few weeks later after strenuous activity. The key is to see your surgeon immediately because a hematoma needs to be drained. There won't be life-threatening bleeding, but there can be injury tot he overlying skin and nipple. Also, the presence of blood will increase your chances of developing later complications such as infection and capsular contracture.  Sometimes though, a bruise is just a bruise, and not a hematoma.

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Do I Have a Hemotoma?

Dear Storm,

It is difficult to know without a clear photo of both breasts, and even then, an examination is the best.  However, a hematoma would result in a very obvious size change with the affected breast nearly twice as large as the other.  Asymmetrical bruising is not uncommon. sometimes the muscle on once side is more difficult to move and causes more bruising.  Keep following up with your plastic surgeon per his instructions.

Best Wishes, 

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Hematoma of breast?

Your surgeon is probably the best person to tell you if you have a hematoma.  Yes there is bruising but an exam in person is extremely important. Follow closely.

Steven Wallach, MD
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The question is whether you have a hematoma?

From the picture you have showed us the answer is no.  It appears that you have bruising within the tissue. Sometimes this bruising doesn't even show up at the level of the skin until a week after surgery.   This usually resolves by approximately in the third week after surgery.  A hematoma is a  larger collection of blood next to the implant.  It doesn't usually show up below the breast but around the implant itself with a dark staining of the entire breast. I believe you are  going to be fine. Stick with your surgeons opinion!

David Janssen, MD, FACS
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Do I Have a Hemotoma?


From looking at the photo it appears that you have some signifiacnt bruising however this does not mean that you have a haematoma.  A haematoma often makes your breast look asymmetrical, the breast will be hard and will also be rather painful in the acute phase.  This looks like some brusing under the skin which should just settle like when you get brusing over other parts of the body.

Stephen Salerno

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