Low Hemoglobin Count & Plastic Surgery: Is it Safe?

My HB count is 68. I am scheduled for a lower body lift in 2 weeks. I was asked to let my dr sign a pre-op form. I knew that he wouldnt since my count is very low but he did! I am stunned and confused! the clinic nurse coordinator received the form & confirmed the surgery.

Should I tell them about the HB count? If I don't is my plastic surgeon going to cancel the surgery What is the lowest count that acceptable to do such a surgery? Is there any way besides iron pill that I can increase my level fast

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Lower body lift

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Safety should be your first priority so I would also suggest that you call your plastic surgeon's office and have a discussion about your concerns.  You want to have surgery and have things go smoothly.  IF there is a reason to cancel surgery, it's better to do that than to proceed and have complications during surgery.

Concern over abnormal preop labs

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Every lab will produce their own set of "normal values" and so without that input it is not possible to address your question specifically.  As you are aware the Lower Body Lift is a massive procedure and your safety, I am certain, is your Plastic Surgeon's top priority.  Call his office tomorrow and communicate addressing your concerns regarding your labs.  If your HB is too low then it would be unwise to proceed at this time.  Be proactive.  Don't be afraid to ask.  Good luck

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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