Hematoma/Seroma After Breast Lift?

I had breast lift surgery on June 11, 2012... the left side was a pain in the A$$ for the doc,, which resulted in x-tra bruising and fluid build up.. Here I am, June 26 still with my left breast still hard from fluid build up... Now I am waiting to see if my body is going to git rid of the problem or if it is going to start killing my breast tissue within the next week...... Is this normal of a Hematoma??? Concerned.....

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Hard to answer without a photo. Tight fluid collections may compromise blood flow to the tissues, so close follow up with your surgeon is needed. Hematomas can be more problematic to the overlying tissues than are seromas of similar size. 

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Having a hematoma and a seroma after breast lift surgery is not that typical. With out knowing your history or exam it's hard to know what caused that. Good luck

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