Can I Have a Hematoma or a Seroma 7 Years Post Breast Implants - One Side is Bigger

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Late Hematoma or Seroma After Augmentation

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It would be very unusual to develop a hematoma or seroma seven years following your augmentation.  A more likely scenario would be a leak in the implant on the smaller side if saline implants were used.  There is an extremely rare condition when late seromas form with a very rare lymphoma.  You certainly should be checked by your plastic surgeon to determine the cause of your asymmetry.

Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Breast size increase 7 years after implants

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An increase in size of just one breast 7 years after breast augmentation is possible.  There can be several reasons.  One of the rare possibilities that will need to be ruled out is a certain type of lymphoma that can be associated with breast implants and delayed seromas (fluid collections).  You should be seen by a board-certified plastic surgeon to be examined and to help determine the cause.

Late seroma/hematoma after breast augmentation

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It is possible to have a late seroma or hematoma after breast augmentation.  You should be seen by a board certified plastic surgeon to be evaluated.  It is possible this could be large cell anaplastic lymphoma, which needs to be ruled out and possibly  treated (removal of breast implant).

Please consult with your plastic surgeon for further evaluation.

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Late hematoma or seroma around breast implants

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While these would be very rare, it is important for you to be examined by a plastic surgeon asap and maybe also get an ultrasound of the breasts to check for periprosthetic fluid.  This would not be normal to have and would need an operation to deal with it.

Hematoma or seroma after breast implant

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I have seen patients who developed a hematoma around an implant many years after surgery.  This may happen from a fall or other kind of trauma, but sometimes patients just don't know why it happened.  It is much more suspicious if there is bruising, but if you notice a recent difference in the breast, it is very important to be evaluated quickly.

Malik Kutty, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Fluid Accumulation Years after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Yes it is possible to have a fluid accumulation around the breast implants many years after surgery. If you do notice a change in size or firmness of the  breasts then it would behoove you to be seen by a plastic surgeon. Drainage of the fluid and/or removal of the implant  (temporarily) they be necessary.

I hope this helps.

Yes you can have a late seroma

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It is rare but not impossible to get a late seroma, especially if uou have a textured breast implant. See your board certified plastic surgeon. An ultrasound would be helpful first investigation. If aspiration fails, you may need surgery. Sincerely, Martin Jugenburg, MD

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