Hematoma After Lower Eyelid Surgery?

I had lower lid Blepharoplasty 10 days ago. The left eye is healing fine. The right eye has a bulge running right below the incision line.The bulge looks like a tube and runs the entire length of the lash line. It's sensitive to the touch and makes it feel like I have something in my eye all of the time. This eye did not bruise much after surgery. Do I have a post-surgical hematoma?

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Heamtoma after a lower lid eye surgery

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hematomas can occur anytime there is cutting or needles of an kind. Hematomas can form and usually do not achieve a tube shape, but tend to be more round as the blood spreads out from the blood vessel that is injured. A tubular swelling is more likely edema of the muscle over the tarsal cartilage and not a hematoma, and will get better with time and some light massage.

Hematoma After Lower Eyelid Surgery

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By your description, there may be a small amount of blood collection relatively superficial within the lower eyelid or there may even be an infection in this region.  This does not sound like an infraorbital hematoma that would cause your eyeball to protrude and effect your vision.  It is always best to follow-up closely with your surgeon.

It's less likely with CO2 laser

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Hematoma are possible after lower eyelid surgery. We use the CO2 laser for surgery which minimizes bleeding making hematoma a lot less likely. We also get great results with the CO2 laser.

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Blepharoplasty and hematoma

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You should be seen by your surgeon.  Depending on the technique it can be evaluated and treat in a variety of ways.  I prefer not to watch problems.

Possible eyelid hematoma after blepharoplasty

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It's possible that this represents a hematoma. As long as your vision is not impaired and the wound has stayed closed, it should be fine to wait and watch. Any blood collection (hematoma) should gradually go away. If you have a scratchy feeling in your eye, you can try artificial tears. If that doesn't make your eye feel better or if your vision seems to be affected, you should have the doctor take a look at your eye.

Warm compresses are often soothing, and could potentially help the hematoma resolve faster. Usually it's just a matter of time. If you can see the incision, it sounds like you had a subciliary (skin) approach to the eyelid surgery.

David A. Weinberg, MD
Portland Oculoplastic Surgeon

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