How Long Does Hematoma Last After Radiesse?

How long does a hematoma last after injecting Radiesse filler? Can a hematoma look like a lump without any bruising?

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Gettind rid of hematoma

I am not convinced what you have is a hematoma, because a hematoma should not persist at 4 weeks. The normal lifecycle of a hematoma is collection of blood becomes solid at around 7 days and will feel like a lump. After about 14 days this hematoma should "liquify" and become dark liquid. Your doctor should be able to aspirated (drain) a liquidied hematoma with a needle. At 4 weeks, a firm lump may represent a lump of radiesse or an inflammatory granuloma. Both can be treated with steroid injection. I think that 4 weeks is long enough to "wait it out" and you should have this looked at more closely.

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