Hematoma from Internal Bleeding After Liposuction, Will It Internally Scar?

I have a hematoma left from liposuction. It was large and has been drained numerous times. Will the bleeding internally cause scarring? Some scarring can be caused from the liposuction but will the bleeding make more scarring? And, is there a way to rid my lower abdomen of the scar tissue? I wanted to get a procedure called exablate (ultrasound to destroy fibroids). And, concerns if the ultrasound would not go through the scar tissue (?). There are scar patches (are those just for small scars)

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Recurrent hematoma following liposuction

The significant issue here is the large recurrent hematoma following liposuction; such occurrences are very rare. This needs to be drained very frequently to help reduce the risks of greater untoward issues. (Are you sure that it is a hematoma and not a seroma that is bloody - tissue fluid that contains blood?)

You may very well develop some permanent scarring that can cause significant contour irregularities of your skin which may be difficult/time consuming to treat.

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Scar from bleeding after liposuction

Bleeding is very uncommon after liposuction thanks to the development of the tumescent technique. Bleeding within the fatty layer suctioned, a hematoma, can scar, though if well treated and drained the tissue will soften and resolve over time. External ultrasound can be helpful to break up the bruising and accelerate healing.

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Liposuction and Bleeding Postoperatively.

Thank you for the question.

The hematoma that you have experienced after liposuction surgery will not necessarily cause increased scarring. It sounds like it is being treated appropriately and therefore will not calcify and/or  otherwise scar excessively.

Having had previous liposuction surgery will not necessarily interfere with ultrasound therapy for fibroids. Make sure you communicate your history of previous surgery with your OB/GYN and ultrasound technician.

I hope this helps. 

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