Will a Hematoma After Mini Tummy Tuck Affect the End Results?

Had a mini tummy tuck (just skin and fat removed) done two weeks ago and had to have a large hematoma drained today, worried about the end results. Is this a common complication and how does it usually affect the outcome, such as the skin being loosened by the hematoma or scar tissue forming since it was only two weeks. It is obviously still swollen and bruised, how long should I expect to have swelling?

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Hematoma after Mini Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the question.

I'm sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. However, when appropriately treated the presence of the hematoma itself will not necessarily change the end results of surgery. It may take a longer period of time to see the end results given the additional swelling/inflammation that may be present.

Best wishes.

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Hematoma and mini-tummy tuck

If caught early, and it sounds like it was, a hematoma that was adequately treated should not make a big difference in the final result.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Hematoma after mini tummy tuck

A hematoma is not uncommon but if treated and drained early can result in minimal problems or complications or effect on the long term result.

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Mini tummy tuck results after a hematoma.

A hematoma is a unfortunate but possible event after any form of tummy tuck.  Although the resulting swelling and bruising are a set back for you, with time and patience these should resolve, the skin will soften and you should be fine.  If you incision had to be opened to drain the hematoma, the scar may heal slightly wide, but can be revised under local anesthesia in the future.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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