Hematoma 15wks After Surgery - Is this typical?

I had tummy tuck 15wks ago.3 wks post op I had a seroma which was drained by my PS.12 wks post op I was playing with the kids at the park, I used monkey bars and lifted myself up. immediately following this I experienced pain in my tummy.In the next 2 wks I started some light abdom exercise + gentle jogging. I noticed increased swelling on one side on my tuI had tummy tuck 15wks ago. 3 wks post op I had a seroma which was drained by my PS.a week ago and this side is still hard and sore to touch

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Hematoma 15wks After Surgery

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This could be a recurrence of your seroma or a hematoma. Best way to tell is a visit to your surgeon, where a decision about diagnosis and treatment can be made. Chances are an aspiration will make or exclude the diagnosis, and may be adequate treatment, though follow up will be needed.

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Chronic seroma might require surgical correction.

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After a delayed evacuation of a hematoma, a seroma might become chronic.  This is a well lined cavity that might need to be excised for the problem to resolve.

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