Hematoma 15 Weeks Post Op?

My PS placed only one drain after my TT bcz he said I was a really small person to begin with. For one day it drained 25cc and was pulled the following day. I ended up in the ER that night with a hematoma, since then the hematoma has remained, at first it was isolated to the lower right quadrant of my abdomen but now has migrated to the right. Apart from a second surgery to correct my protruding lower abdomen what else can be done? The kenalog injections my PS has been administering has not helped.

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Hematoma after tummy tuck

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You may have a seroma at this point post op.  This may require further drainage to improve the contour.  Steroid injections will not correct fluid collection.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Hematoma three months after tummy tuck

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Bleeding and hematoma after drain removal is uncommon and unfortuate. After your trip to the emergency room, we can't quite follow what occured. We presume that the hematoma was drained and the bleeding resolved, which should solve the problem. Without more information, we can't understand the protrusion in the lower abdomen and why you have received Kenalog injections.

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Hematoma 15 weeks ago

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This far out the hematoma should have resolved al on its own.  It would stay hard for several days, then eventually breakdown into easily absorbable products over a few weeks.  I would recommend an ultrasound to actually visualize the soft tissue layers of the abdomen and evaluate the "hematoma"  You could also have a persistent seroma, or fluid buildup, which can be treated by aspiration.

Hematoma 15 Weeks Post Op?

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I am not succeeding in visualizing the problem here. If you could attach a photo, it would help. The swelling that occurs after a TT is longer lasting and exaggerated by seroma or hematoma, so waiting for possible resolution seems sensible. I am also not sure what the kenalog is being used for and where it is being injected.

Thanks and best wishes.

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