Had BA 10 Days Ago, Do I Have a Hematoma?

Had breast augmentation 10 days ago. By day 5 post op ad a little discomfort on my left breast so I went to my ps, who ask me to have an ultrasound done to see if i had blood or fluid around implant. The ultrasound came back with "no signs of a hematoma or fluid". Now, my breast does not hurt anymore but it is still a little swollen and just a little more firmer than other side.

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Breast Hematoma After Augmentation

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If after an exam by your plastic surgeon including an ultrasound that did not show a fluid collection you should feel pretty confident that you do not have a hematoma at this point.  Continue close follow up with your plastic surgeon during your recovery period.

Dr. ES

Extremely unlikely to have a hematoma

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It is not uncommon to have asymmetric swelling after a breast augmentation and this can last for weeks or more. It is somewhat unclear if this was the reason for the ultrasound or if there was a VERY substantial difference. Regardless, a negative ultrasound as well as improved symptoms make the presence of a hematoma extremely unlikely (like: You don't have one!).  

You are worried about swelling after breast augmentation...

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It is very common to have swelling after a breast augmentation. You did the right thing by following up with your physician and then having an ultrasound. Continue following up but it sounds like the problem is resolving.

Swelling or Hematoma

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You can have swelling and discomfort for several weeks after breast implants are placed.  So how do you tell if you are having a hematoma? First of all they are not very common in breast augmentation.  If you do get one,  usually it happens on one side, not both.  The affected side is extremely tense, painful and can look very bruised.  You can also sometimes have a significant amount of blood oozing from the incision.  Although a physical exam can pick up hematomas most of the time, if there is any question that a hematoma or seroma (fluid collection) is present, an ultrasound can easily confirm it.    


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If you had an ultrasound and there was no evidence of fluid whether blood or seroma, it is likley that it is just swelling.  Have your surgeon follow you closely.

Do I have a hematoma post breast augmentation

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With a negative ultrasound I doubt that you have a hematoma. You most probably had a slightly thicker muscle on that side or a slightly larger implant was used or they just needed to settle. It takes at least 6 weeks to start to see slight differences in the breasts that may persist. It takes at least 8 months to see your final results. Stay in touch with your surgeon. That is the best way to ensure you are on course.

Breast Augmentation and Swelling

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Your are correct to be watching for a hematoma.  With a normal ultrasound it is unlikely but if you are still concerned there is no substitue for an examination with your board-certified (ABPS) plastic surgeon.

Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon

Hematoma after Breast Augmentation

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If your surgeon saw you and you had a normal ultrasound, it is very unlikely that you have a hematoma.

Hematoma After Breast Augmentation Should Be Treated Promptly

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Hematomas are a recognized but relatively rare (0.5-1%) problem after breast augmentations.  They need to be evacuated and the bleeding points controlled without delay.  It does not sound as if you have a hematoma and simply have a normal amount of swelling at this time, but you should continue to communicate any concerns to your surgeon.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Swelling after breast augmentation

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Since your ultrasound has ruled out a hematoma, in all likelihood, you are experiencing more swelling on the left side than on the right. This is not an uncommon occurrence and, hopefully, the swelling and firrmness should dissipitate with time. You should definitely continue to followup with your plastic surgeon.

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