I Need Help, I Had a Nasal Reduction 2 Days Ago and It Hurts Badly?

I had nasal reduction done due to a broken nose and the first day after the surgery I didn't feel any pain just a burning sensation inside my nose, and now it's hurting in a scale from 1-10 it's like a 7. So how would I now if my nose is infected? I had it done 2 days ago and now it hurts more that when it was broken, I didnt feel any pain when it was broken. Also, the medication made me vomit, what can i do? Thanks

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Recovery after rhinoplasty

Thanks for the question. It's very normal to have increased pain on day 2 and 3 after rhinoplasty, as the nose becomes a bit more swollen on these days. It looks like you asked this question three days ago so hopefully by now you are feeling much better. Typically patients require pain medication for 3-4 days after rhinoplasty and can then switch to Tylenol. Typically by the time the splint is removed on day 6 or 7, pain medication is no longer necessary. 

Nausea after surgery can be related to the after-effects of anesthesia, the pain medication, or the antibiotic which many surgeons prescribe. There are certainly a multitude of different pain medications and antibiotics, so you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon and see if you may be switched to a different medication. Anti-nausea medicine can also be prescribed.

Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!

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