Is Aura Laser Better than Medlite C6 for Removing Freckles?

I decided to try medlite c6 for freckles. called doctor, and she told me that she wont do that laser for freckles, cause of possible scarring, hypopigmentation etc (I am very white skin, bunch of light freckles). she recomended different office. they will gladly do aura laser on me. I sayd OK, scheduled app, and went home to read online- just to find out,,that if i have it right both lasers are ktp and do ~530 and 580nm. Are they the same thing???Should i do this aura laser? Please,help!

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Lasers for brown spots

Most importantly, you want to make sure whoever is treating your brown spots, even if you think there just freckles, is experienced enough to ensure that none of the pigmented lesions are of a concern, prior to fading them with laser.  There are many lasers for brown spots, including the KTP, Neodynium Yag (double frequency), V-beam, Alexandrite, Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Dual, etc.  Some induce more dried blood and crusting, and others are more gentle but may take more sessions. 

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Medlite 6 may give you a faster result

Medlite 6 is very effective for removal of facial lentigines. The Aura lase takes more treatments, but may be associated with less downtime

Gergana Gallacher, MD
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