Will Swelling Go Away After Radiesse?

I had radiesse injections yesterday all over my cheek and lower face area and today I look like a chipmunk. I know there is some swelling but please tell me this 'fatness' will go away. I don't look like I even have cheekbones anymore. Also a little bruising my left side. Also had botox injection on my "eleven" and that seems ok, but the other is bothering me. I can't go out looking like this. Any answers/suggestions will be helpful. Thanks. I am new here.

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Will Swelling Go Away After Radiesse?

You're still swollen if it's only been 1 day after having your treatment, typically it takes a full 2 weeks to settle before seeing your final result

Swelling after Radiesse injections

It is very common to have swelling that is more significant and longer lasting them HA fillers after radiesse since it is a thicker filler and a more volumizing filler. As long as you were not over treated by the filler expect the swelling to resolve with in 7 to 10 days. Warm compresses and anti-inflamatory medications help.


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Swelling after Radiesse

Any dermal filler will cause swelling, some more than others.  It can last up to 2 weeks, but usually is resolved by a week.  I rare cases, swelling lasts much longer.  This has been reported more commonly in injections under the eyes.  In your case, it is very early still and things should improve noticeably over the next few days.  If not, see you injector.  You can use ice to prevent worsening of the swelling, just avoid putting pressure on the injected areas so you aren't moving the filler around.

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