BBL and Lipo and Have a Lot of Fluid Build Up?

Hello, I just had Lipo and BBL on Novemember 27, 2012 in DR, it's now two weeks later and I have a lot of Fluid in the lower abdominal area. I would like to know if anyone knows where in Brooklyn I can go to have the fluid remove. All surgeons have denied seeing me and ER has told me they are not equip to handle that. I am completely lost and really need help.

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Complications from having surgery outside the US

It sounds like you have an unfortunate complication from your liposuction called a seroma which is a fluid collection that has built up in the area that you have had liposuction.  If there is any way that you can get back to see the surgeon that performed the operation, that will be your best choice.  If you cannot, I recommend going to a large university hospital in New York City where they may have a plastic surgeon on call that can help you.  


Your story is an unfortunate one and an all too common one.  Traveling outside the United States for surgery may save you money if all goes smoothly but if it does not as it has not in your case, it can go very wrong and be very expensive to fix.  Good luck with this tough situation.


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Fluid after liposuction

Seroma (or fluid collection) is one of the more common risks with high volume liposuction.  I discourage international medical tourism, because if you have a complication, it is difficult to schedule international travel for your follow-up visits and treatments for complications, and it ends up becoming very expensive. 

Dennis Dass, MD
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Fluid Collection after Liposuction

     If you can tap your belly with your hand and see a fluid wave, you have a fluid collection.   This needs to be drained to improve contours and prevent infection.  If you cannot find a plastic surgeon near you to help you, you need to contact the plastic surgeon who operated on you.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Follow up with your surgeon

Get in touch with your surgeon to see what he recommends as he is the one who knows best what he did.  You may need to go back and see him for the follow up and treatment.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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You may need long term treatment and if this is a seroma, you maay need multiple aspirations, if after multiple aspirations still there then you will need a drain.That is if there is no infection, then it is another story.

Good luck finding someone to take you as a patient, That is the problem with tourist cosmetic surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
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Seroma after BBL doen in another country

Unfortunately, this is exactly why we constantly recommend against going out of the country for surgery. Yo have a seroma and it needs to be drained before it becomes infected or a chronic problem. Complications can happen and if you are not near your surgeon, it will be hard to find someone to appropriately take care of you. You should make arrangements to return to your surgeon. If this is not possible (which I can't imagine it wouldn't be) you may need to go to an emergency room and they will have to call a plastic surgeon. You should be prepared to receive a bill though and it may be a few thousand dollars.

Matthew Schulman, MD
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