Im One of Those with a Wide Nose Tip and Thick Lateral Ala but I Like It when Skin Between Upper Labia and Nose Tip is Taut?

Im a medical student 20 yrs of age indian quite plump with several pores over my nose..i believed i have thick skinned nose..i m okay with my nose shape up to about the tip where it gets real ugly and my nose goes flat whenever i smile bcoz of the pull of surrounding muscles i guess..well i like my nose when i bite my lips or basically when d skin around gets taut. My lateral ala gets thinner and nose shapier and pointier when i do this.will braces help me? my gums and teeth have a mild overbite

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Thick tip skin

Based on your description it appears that you would be a good candidate for surgery, but an in person examination would be essential.  You will likely need grafting of cartilage

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Rhinoplasty Surgery or braces?

I would suggest an appointment with a Rhinoplasty specialist to determine your exact problems and get a proper diagnosis. It is impossible without a direct examination of your bite, your nose and your facial anatomy to give a proper medical opinion. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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