When Can I Have Grafts Removed? Causing Complications.

I had my septum done at Kaiser three weeks ago. The doctor was supposed to build up the RIGHT side nostril-tip so I could breathe on that side and remove the "S" deviation. He removed the S, but he took the cartilage and added about 1/2inch (yes!!!) to the LEFT and BOTTOM columella to point it downward. The weight of the graft has melted my tip away and now my skin is tearing is many places. My How can I best get these horrible grafts out of my face? Can Kaiser dermatology help?

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Complex Nasal Reconstruction Complications

At three weeks after surgery the tissues are swollen and inflammed making surgery very challenging and inaccurate. If you are certain that your doctor-patient relationship between you and your surgeon is terminated the appropriate way to do so is calmly explain it to the surgeon along with the reasons. At that time you can ask for a copy of your medical record and seek one or more experienced nose surgeons to see who can advise you. You can do so while waiting for the swelling to go down. Dermatology has no role in nose surgery .

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