Uneven/Lopsided Breast's After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I was 30AA, had 305CC transaxillary, sub-pectoral. I'm now a 30DD, but my right breast is a lot higher than the left and has been higher since the operation. It has only been 2months, but I'm worried about the placement of the right implant. When I massage my breasts, the right has little movement compared to the left, which is also quite soft now. I would really appreciate your advice/suggestions on what I should do. Thanks!

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Uneven breasts after BA

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I agree with your evaluation. The right breast does appear higher and more constricted than the left.  There are a couple of things that could have caused this.  Your PS might not have created a big enough pocket for your implant.  In this case, a simple revision can be done to drop the implant into its correct position.  Another explanation could be that you are experiencing a grade I/II capsular contracture on that right side.  This would account for the tightness you feel during massage.  Unfortunately, this also has to be corrected surgically and your chances of it recurring will be mildly greater.   I would strongly recommend meeting with your PS because they will want you to be as perfect as possible! I hope this helps.

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Neil J. Zemmel

Uneven Breasts After Augmentation May Be Capsule Or Too Small Implant Pocket

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Thank you for your question. I am very sorry you are having this difficulty. You need to visit with your surgeon and discuss your concerns.

As others have noted you may have a capsular contracture or the pocket may have been created too small at the time of your surgery. Was your right breast much smaller and higher before surgery? If so that could also be part of the problem.

The good thing is that a revision can help you. If you have a capsule it can be removed, a new implant placed and a dermal substitute like Strattice placed over the implant to help prevent a recurrent capsular contracture.

If your right breast was much smaller and higher than the left before surgery perfect symmetry may be difficult to achieve without soft tissue expansion. If the right breast was smaller and higher than the left before surgery it may need to be expanded to make enough room for the new implant and allow it to drop to more closely match the left.

Be sure to consult your surgeon to get his or her recommendation

Uneven after Transaxillary BA

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You are correct that the implant position is uneven. I believe it is most likely due to insufficient dissection lower beneath the breast which did not allow the implant to be low enough. On the other hand capsule contracture can also create this appearance. Finally all of this depends on your own shape and whether or not you had any significant asymmetry to begin with. Return to your surgeon. I would hope he/she would want to help you.

Uneven Breast Augmentation Result

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You are correct with your assessment. Your right breast appears smaller and more elevated than the left. In combination with this being tight on massage, you might have a capsular contracture on the right side or the breast pocket was made too small. You would be best served to re-visit with your surgeon to determine the best course of action. Frequently, this can be fixed with a revision procedure under local anesthesia for both circumstances. If this has always been the case, then I would think that you had too small a pocket from the start, otherwise I would lean more toward a capsular contracture. 

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Vincent Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon


Vincent P. Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven Breasts After Surgery

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Thank you for your question and photo.

I do see the unevenness you are describing.  I would recommend that you go and see your plastic surgeon and have him/her examine you and discuss your options with you.

I am sure that your surgeon will want to help you achieve your goals.

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