Help! I Had a Tummy Tuck 3 1/2 Weeks Ago. When Will the Arch in my Back Come Back?

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Posture after a tummy tuck

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Your posture will be affected after a tummy tuck and this can cause back pain, neck pain etc.  At the three and a half week stage, your posture should be back to base line however.  This may be something that you have to work on, gentle yoga exercises might be considered.  

Good luck,

Douglas M. Hargrave,M.D.

I Had a Tummy Tuck 3 1/2 Weeks Ago. When Will the Arch in my Back Come Back?

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A photo that illustrates the issue would be helpful. If you are unable to stand up straight at this point I may have some understanding of what your describing. If you are able to stand up straight, I have no explanation for any change in your lower back. Please consider attaching a photo or a little bit more explanation of the problem. 

Thank you and best wishes

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Arch in back

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It is a little hard to stand upright for a while after a tummytuck. It is unclear what you are asking.


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Not sure what you mean when you ask, when will the arch in my back return??? It takes 6-12 months for all the swelling to subside. You need to make sure you see your PS and ask them the more personal questions.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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