Help! How to treat red, burned skin from products?

I got a salicylic 10% acid peel 4 days ago. My skin started flaking- peeling post treatment. For 3 days I was only using Argan oil on my skin. 3 days later I have decided that using Clarasonic brush to take away the flakiness is a good idea. I used the clarasonic with a problem skin cleanser.Then I used a problem skin toner (salicylic, lactic acid, witch hazel). Now my face is extremly red and looks like it's burned ! Please help! What should I do? It's been 24 hours and its not getting better!

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Give Skin a Rest

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Hello there. I'm sorry to hear that your skin is causing you trouble. Although the products you mentioned, such as lactic acid and salicylic acid, are effective at clearing skin and evening its tone, they can be harsh, especially when used in combination with one another and after a peel. Aloe vera is always safe to use, but I would call your provider who gave you the peel to optimize healing and minimize any potential complications.

After all peels we recommend giving your skin a rest by washing it only once a day using a very basic, mild cleanser designed for sensitive skin. Don't forget to practice good sun protection habits, too. Be patient while your skin heals itself over the course of the next few days, and do not use anymore products with acids or harsh astringents until you are fully healed.

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