16 Months After TT, Lipo, and BA, Still in Pain, and Results are Lumpy and Uneven, Revision Options? (photo)

Fall 2010 Implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, repaired gallbladder scar. Horrible pain numbness, ripping, burning feeling. Body lumpy, very uneven along w/breasts, but above all the pain is concerning after 16 months.

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Pain after major surgery

There are so many possible causes of your pain, some related to the procedures you had, and some unrelated.  See a professional, who will want to understand the character of your pain, location of the pain, exacerbating and relieving factors, your medical history, and other details.  A thorough physical examination is an important part of this evaluation, and perhaps laboratory tests and/or imaging studies to investigate possible anatomic or pathologic peculiarities contributing to your problems.  The surgeon who performed your procedure and/or your primary care physician are probably good people to consult with.

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