How Can I Help the Large Open Wound on my Left Breast to Heal? Silvadene?

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago and my left side has a largpigpen wound it will not heal and it keeps getting bigger my right side feels like there's a collection of fluid and now the stitches were removed and I have constant dark brown blood draining down my side. The doctor keep saying it's normal. Not for me! I'm tired of this already. No drains were used and I feel the the doctor could care less now that Sx is over! Help

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Breast Reduction and Open Wound Concerns?

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I'm sorry to hear about the complication you are experiencing. You should be aware however that wound healing problems can occur after breast reduction surgery;  with local wound care,  these wounds generally go on to heal over the course of a few weeks.

I would suggest that you  contact your plastic surgeon and calmly communicate your concerns about the wound and your level of concern/anxiety. It is very likely that, once her plastic surgeon understands your ongoing concern, that he/she will make every effort to improve communication…  You may be pleasantly surprised that the frequency of follow-up and/or the "level of care" improves.

Best wishes.

Open breast reduction wound

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If you have a seroma or hematoma, the breast will not go on to heal until this has resolved. Silvadene is not the treatment of choice for either situation, which may require drainage procedures. Once this is accomplished, the wound should be allowed to close by secondary intention and you should be followed during the healing process. If there is an infection, antibiotics may also be employed systemically. Best of luck.

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