Been Using Tazorac For a Month or Two, Less Sleep and Bad Diet, Big Cysts Returned?

I have been using it for about a month or two now and the first two weeks was breakout and peeling. I noticed the pimples are smaller and less inflammed. But this past week I had midterms so that means less sleep and junk food. Now The big cyst are back, only a little bit, not as much as before. I noticed that it is on my jawline, a place where I never usually break out. I am just afraid that I broke the "barrier" w/ my bad habits and that the Tazorac wont work anymore. Please help! Thanks!

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Acne and Tazorac

Tazorac can be an effective treatment for acne.  Try to improve your diet and return to your dermatologist to see if you require additional treatment.

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