How to Help Severe Nerve Regeneration Pain?

I had implants (286cc unders) 2.5 weeks ago. For the last 6 days, I have pain from what I assume is nerve regeneration. Both breasts feel like they are covered in shards of glass and the insides stuffed with pine needles. It hurts to move or even breathe because my skin rubs against my bra. I have high pain tolerance (natural childbirth 4 times) but with this, I'm on the verge of tears 24/7. Called my PS office and the nurse said there is nothing to do. How can that be? Please help!

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Severe pain

First of all, get checked out by your surgeon to make sure the pain isn't from another cause - like bleeding or infection.  If it is neuralgia (nerve related pain), medications like Neurontin or Lyrica can be helpful.

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Nerve Pain 2 Weeks after Breast Implants

     This pain at 2 weeks is more common in very large implants or very small patients.  Gabapentin and other neuromodulators may be of some help with nerve pain.  A local anesthetic block performed by the surgeon could be performed for temporary relief.  These types of pains usually resolve or at least improve greatly with time.

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Nerve Soreness after Breast Augmentation

A few things can help. Medicines such as Motrin can help. Some other medications such as amitryptiline or neurontin can help in cases of nerve pain until it gets better. Stimulating the area, capsaicin cream, steroids can also sometimes be helpful.

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Nerve Pain After Augmentation

If you are healing properly and there are no other problems, most likely you are experiencing nerve hypersensitivity.  The best way to treat that is by lightly stimulating or rubbing the painful areas.  This usually gets the nerve endings to settle down, similar to rubbing your elbow after you hit it and it diminishes the pain.  If the pain continues or worsens make sure you follow up with your doctor immediately.  Hope it improve soon

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Nerve pain after BA

This is a common occurence with breast augmentation but there are things you can do to help the discomfort.  Many times, the nerves get aggrevated from the surrounding inflammation from surgery and a prednisone pack or Ibuprofen will due the trick.  Even massaging the painful areas (although it sounds torturous) can help to desensitize the nerve pain. I hope this helps you.

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Nerve pain with breast augmentation.

It sounds like this is very uncomfortable. I think dropping in on your PS to have a check up is a good way to start to be sure nothing more serious is going on. The nerve pain you are describing is very common, however. Some treatment modalities I have recommended on my patients include massaging the area with arnica or capsaicin. Massages that include vibration also can help. In more serious cases, non narcotic pain medication or nerve blocker like neurontin can be prescribed. The good news is that with time the pain dissipates. Best of luck, Aldo.

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