Need help with Severe burn from a Affirm laser treatment! (photos)

Three days ago I received an affirm laser treatment. The physician performed the treatment herself. I'm so upset because this physician burned a hole in my face about the size of a nickel. I'm looking for advice on how to treat it while I'm waiting to get in to see a reputable dermatologist. I would also appreciate any tips on how to proceed with getting this physician to cooperate with paying for the scar removal/ skin treatments that will be needed down the road?

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Treatment for laser skin burn

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Hopefully you have contacted the physician and received guidance from the treating office. I recommend very good wound care - clean gently with soap and water and without trauma (no washcloth), then apply copious amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor. I would recommend based on the photo that you keep the area covered with a non-stick dressing or keeping a very thick layer of Vaseline/petrolatum can act like a wound dressing. If the wound dries out and gets crusty and thick then I would soak with a wet washcloth until it softens and then apply Vaseline or Aquaphor - DO NOT PICK ANY SCABS - soak them to loosen and remove them. Importantly follow up closely and often with the treating physician and office to be sure the healing is going well. Hope this helps.

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