Can I Help Seroma Absorb Faster After Reconstruction?

In 2008 I had breast augmentation Shortly after I developed cc. I recently had ifection that spread to breast tissue and implant so I had a partial mastectomy and removal of implant. 3 months later I had 575cc silicone implants placed undee muscle. capsulectomy was done n lift was done on the one side i have a serma in the spot the tissue was removed. The pc tried to drain it with no luck. Is there anyway I can help this seroma and implant move down and absorb? I am 8 days post op.

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8 days post-op

is not time to be asking the gallery of 'spectators' as to what they think may be happening.  Your surgeon was there and knows everything that was done.  You have to trust your surgeon at this point and follow his/her instructions to help get you through this.  The horses are out of the barn so to speak and getting other opinions at this point will only add to confusion and undermine your confidence in your surgeon.

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Breast seroma

First, you really need to have patience.  You only had surgery a week ago.  Seroma should be drainable, if that is what you have.  Frequently, they reform and it may take several attempts before the seroma begins to resolve.  Similarly, it can take at least 6-8 weeks for the implant to drop significantly.  Continue to followup with your surgeon.

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