Help! How to remove dark scars from shaving on African American skin - Bikini area. (photos)

I haven't shaved in a while because I wanted to know if I obtained the scars from shaving. And I realized only when I shave the scars appear. I stated using a epilator but it's been ripping my skin so I stopped. These scars are really embarrassing, and I really need help ASAP to get rid of them. I haven't been intimate in a while because of them. The scares are there, I don't want to bleach down there. I also exfoliated daily but nothing seems to work. HELP!

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Dark marks in the bikini area from shaving.

Shaving in the bikini area can create irritation and in-grown hairs.  In more darkly complected people this irritation can result in dark pigmentation.  This pigment is not scar and can be resolved.  I would suggest a series of superficial peels combined with topical hydroquinone performed under a dermatologist's supervision.  The peels performed monthly usually require 6-8 treatments for the resolution of the undesirable color.  However, the underlying problem of what to do with the removal of the bikini hair needs to be solved.  Consider permanent hair reduction with a long wave NdYag laser.  These hair removal lasers are best for the darker skin types.

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