What Can Help with Redness, Peeling and New Deep Criss Cross Lines Under Eye from Burn?

I had sunscreen#50 all over face but not directly under eyes. I fell asleep at an angle that my Rx sunglasses shifted up and I woke up to severe burns under both eyes. Three months later still red, peeling and I have deep criss cross lines under eyes that were never there. What can I do?

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Burns under eyes

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If your eyes are still peeling I would see your dermatologist. It is possible that you are using something that you think might hdlp that is causing you to have a persisitant contact dermatitis. 

Sun Burn

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Wait till the burn heals completely and the skin is back to normal. Mean while use sunscreen, moisuturizer and avoid the sun and snow. If the burn is too deep see your plastic surgeon. If the lines persist, CO2 lase can correct the lines

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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