Will Braces Fix My Problem? (photo)

Hello! Firstly, unfortunately yeah.. these may be the worst teeth you have ever seen. Is there a way to fix them? I visit my dentist every 15 days, I'll have brackets soon, that's "his solution". The treatment costs about 4k. But, do brackets fix this collapse? I really, don't want to pay 4k and then another huge amount to fix it... I want to be sure. Also, my front teeth are huge! Please, any answer is higly appreciated since I'm really desperate I can't even smile.. I'm serious almost 24/7.

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Braces or invisalign work both

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Yes, braces will fix your problem. On top of that, your dentist gave you a pretty good price for this kind of problem that should take about 2 years to treat. If he is capable and have treat this kind of problem before, go for it. There is also another solution call invisalign to solve your problem. It is invisible and work also, but will definitively be more costly than 4k.


Good luck!

Montreal Dentist

Effectiveness of braces

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Good news for you!  Braces can definitely fix your problem.  In fact, from the look of the photo, your case is not even that hard to correct with braces.  If there is also a bite discrepancy you might find that your case will take a little longer, but rest assured, you should end up with a perfect bite and a wonderful smile.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

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