I have an open T incision after a TT. Will embrace delay healing, and can I use Mankuna honey for debridement? (Photo)

Had TT on 9/25. 10 days PO PS removed glue revealing hole at the inverted T incision. I was never informed I might have a vert scar!There has been fibrin in the wound from start shouldn't it be debrided? I asked PS to debride but he said its not needed. Is this delaying healing? Should I go elsewhere for debriding? Was 10 days PO too early to remove glue? At 14 days PO I began embrace (not on wound) will this delay healing? Has anyone used Manuka honey to debride? Question Details 0/500

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T incisions and scar healing.

Thanks for your post and photos. T incisions are higher risk for wound separation and delays. I don't believe the timing of glue removal had a significant role in the wound issues you've shared with us. You will need to ask your plastic surgeon how to care for the wound, get it healed and then you can add a scar therapy if you would like. The wound looks rather smaller so I would trust your plastic surgeon to manage it. Embrace will help the other parts of the incision to get a smoother scar while you work on healing the T incision. Best wishes always, Dr. ALDO

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Wound healing issues

The"T" is usually the area of greatest tension and least blood supply so is subject top wound healing issues in some patients.  It generally heals well over time and the use of antibiotic creams such as silvadene but I would follow my surgeons instructions.

Dr. Corbin

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I have an open T incision after a TT. Will embrace delay healing, and can I use Mankuna honey for debridement?

These times of incision line problems do occasionally occur after tummy tuck surgery. They go on to heal, often without any intervention whatsoever, over the course of the next few weeks. I would suggest that you follow your plastic surgeon's recommendations;  do not use honey or any other measure,  unless instructed to. Absolutely not  necessary to go "elsewhere for debridement”.  Time and patience will be your best friends. Best wishes.

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