I had butt implants and they are now infected. What to do?

Had the butt implants put in 2weeks ago weds. Drain was only in for 48hrs. 2weeks post this weds. Woke up in blood. Went to.doctors now he wants to.take them out and clean them and put them back in or maybe even take them out and i have buy a new set to back in. Im so scared i want a little more info before i go back in there i want to be more understanding to all of this. Please hell

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I had butt implants and they are now infected. What to do?

If the implants are infected, the implants should be removed and the infection treated with antibiotics. In several months, another set of implants could be inserted, or you could consider a Brazilian buttlift as the risk for infection is markedly lower.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Infected butock implants

If your buttock implants are truly infected, then they must come out in order to cure the infection. Typically they need to remain out for approximately 6 months before replacing them with a brand new pair. Glad to help

Ryan Stanton, MD
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Buttock Implants

If the implants are infected, you should be in surgery now to remove the implants, wash out the pocket, drain the pocket and is on IV antibiotics , after cultures are taken. Infected implants go in the medical waste, can not put it back in you, otherwise you will get infected again, sooner or later.

After complete healing of the infected implant, wait 6 months then you can have a new buttock implant surgery if you want

Samir Shureih MD. FACS


Samir Shureih, MD
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