Have Ongoing Bilateral Bluish/red Discoloration. Has Anyone Ever Seen This?

I'm scheduled for 2nd reduction Sept/27. My problem. Breasts are bluish/red discoloration bilaterally. My PS doesn't think discoloration is related to prior surgery, however, she suspects it's due to massive spider veins. I'm afraid that heavy discoloration indicates poor circulation and/or vascular disorder. I'm worried that this might cause surgical complications and prevent proper healing.. Is ANYONE familiar with bilateral breast discoloration ? Bellasma (will post pics asap)

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Breast Reduction

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I have had several patients with venous congestion prior to breast reduction, The breasts appeared red-purple, especially dependently. After breast reduction they healed normally and the discoloration and congestion resolved. One of the patients on my breast reduction page's before and after gallery (3rd and 4th pictures) is a good example of this. You can visit the page at drmele.com/breast-reduction.html or google drmele.com/breast-reduction.html or google dr mele breast reduction if the link does not work. Without pictures, it is hard to tell if we are talking about the same thing, but be certain to discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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