Obagi Nightmare?

help! i normally use benzaclin and had a small blemish on my nose. my wife gave me some of her obagi c-20 serum to clear it up. stopped after a week, nose was swelling up...expanding my pores. ran to my derm after nose calmed down. he gave me tazorac. will this work on my pores? is there a great topical moisturizer that will help wil taz does its stuff? also, can i use my benzaclin again in the morn and taz at night - or is that a bad idea? please what options do i have?? please help me

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Sounds like you have a good dermatologist, you should speak to them.  Tazorac can help with pores, its like retin-a.  There are lots of good moisturizers on the market, stick with an oil free noncomedogenic one if you are acne prone.  Tazorac once a day should be enough, and benzaclin once a day.  Go back and see or call your doctor to clarify your program.  

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