Help Needed :( Nipples Are Black? (photo)

Can anyone help me with this? Bi lateral breast reduction 1 week ago. Been for would check today the nurse didnt quite know what she was looking at so I've booked to see my surgeon this week. Really worried my nipples may be dead :( help ! One breast the left one is very bruised as that was the biggest, right one hardly any bruising at all bit both nipples are dark . 2.5lbs from the left 2lbs from the right removed.

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Black Nipples

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Really difficult to tell from the photos you have provided.  You have had a large breast reduction and there is a risk of nipple necrosis (black nipples).  It is also not uncommon to have bruising after such a large reduction, which could be contributing to the darkened nipples.  You should contact your surgeons rooms and see the surgeon as soon as possible.  I am sure they would want to know about this sooner, rather than later.

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Stephen Salerno


Help Needed

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Can not offer advise based upon the poorly exposed photos! Remove ALL the dressing and photo the frontal view of your breast!. Better yet demand to see the operative surgeon ASAP! 

Black nipples

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Hard to tell from photos. Sometimes they struggle a bit and come back. Best to see your surgeon.

Glenn Lyle, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction and nipple necrosis

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The first photo you have uploaded shows a lot of bruising around the areolar but from what I can see the nipple doesn't look dead.

Either way the best thing to do is sit tight and wait for your PS to review the wounds.  


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