What Can I Do to Help my Healing Prossess After Breastlift W/ Implants?

I had surgery the 8th of august 2013, and lately after my 2nd week checkup I've felt some intense burning pain in my right breast. Its only lasting for about 1-3min, with a break on about 30min-2hours. My right areola is also darker than my lefty. Can this have something to do with the fact that I'm sleeping on my side? Is it a infection? What can I do to heal the best that I can? I'm only 20y old, got my surgery covered. Thanks

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Breast pain after augmentation

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Thank you for asking about the breast pain after your breast lift and augmentation.

  1. Unless you have fever, swelling and redness, your pain is most likely nerve pain from a nerve that was bruised during surgery and is working again.  
  2. Sleeping right side down can irritate a nerve and cause this pain. .
  3. It usually subsides within a week. Let your surgeon know. He may want to check you. Best wishes.


Best way to assist healing after breast surgery is to leave everything alone.

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It's possible that positioning during sleeping might aggravate some pain. Outside of that there is really nothing you can do except leave the breasts alone and let mother nature drive the healing process.

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