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Im 19 years old i recently broke my front tooth in half as i refused to get a crown since i have a gumny smile i had it bonded along with the chip on the other tooth please tell me i can avoid a crown because it means shaving off your teeth im too young for this i don't the look i didnt like

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Dear Alaomsu,

The rule of thumb taught to Dentist in school is if half of the tooth is missing restore with a crown.  I understand your concern for reducing the tooth.  However, a well prepared and place crown will protect the tooth from further damage and will look fantastic.  If you have that tooth restored with bonding, it will look good and work great; however at some point it will break of, removing the remaining tooth and creating a totally different dental need; like extraction and implant.


Hope this helps,

David Silber, DMD

Dallas Dentist

Do I need a crown?

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First your not to young to have a crown done. Also we usually suggest bonding or a filling first, if your happy with the results stay that why; however many times the bonding will break and discolor and you have to have it redone over and over which can get expensive. In most cases a dentist only has to remove .5-2.0mm of tooth structure and from the sound of things you have already lost at least that much so it may not be that big a deal. Good Luck



Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD    CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist


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Bonding can look pretty good and may last a while.  However, it eventually breaks down and has to be replaced.  Usually good bonding requires some tooth reduction.  I would suggest you have the tooth done with a veneer.  I will require some minimal reduction, but this is necessary for esthetics. Before selecting a dentist ask to look at a lot of before and afters of cases they have completed that match your situation.  I have done hundreds of anterior cases myself.  One of the most challenging things we do in dentistry is match a single anterior tooth. 

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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